All Engines suffer from mechanical  frictiona-drag.  In theory, over 60 percent of the productive mechanical efficiency is wasted in the production of heat. High frictional components especially piston/cylinder expands with increase in temperature resulting in blow-by between piston/cylinder. Resulting in poor combustion, high fuel consumption, poor engine performance, excessive exhaust emissions and downtime. To rectify the above mentioned problems Nano Catalyst was discovered in 2008 and formulated.Nano Lubricants Catalyst/additives is the state of the art in the engine oil formulation, engine oil treatment additive technology. The new Nano Engine Lubricants Catalyst/additives formulation grade and quality far exceed American Petroleum Institutte (API), International Lubricants Approval Committee (ILSAC) and Global formula additive (GF-5)a new  additive supplement and label for oil blenders.Combining all the benefits claimed by other additives manufacturers, the Nano Lubricants Catalyst/additive technology is a new product without peers. The quantitative figures below will truly benefit vehicle owners, business people, entrepreneurs, industrialists oil blenders, vehicle manufacturers, marketing companies to distribute a leading edge, the best quality product in the world within your region, state and country.Significant features:-

  • Nano Non degradable slipperiness over 100,000kms not present in other detergent base formulations.
  • Prevents piston blow-by from top,  non-combustible fuel carbon down to the engine oil sump.
  • Prevent piston blow-by from engine oil seeping up to the combustion chamber.
  • Reduce engineering  tolerances/gaps  between piston cylinder for optimum combustion
  • The nano materials “bucky-ball” acts as a “roller bearing” providing an extreme anti-friction momentum effect.
  • Blending with Neutral Solvent base oils, minerals  and synthetics oils will increase the viscosity index
  • Applied to a new engine will prevent carbon formation and the lubricants will remain “clear texture” over a long duration of time.

Nano Engine oil Lubricants Catalysts Additives sets a new standards in the additive formulations

“Setting a new benchmark in the Global Nano-lubricants additive technology”

  • Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC); Decrease by -28-40%
  • Brake Horse Power (BP); Increase by + 28.05
  • Torque (t); Increase by +27. 89%
  •  Brake Thermal Efficiency (nBT); Increase by +33. 30%
  • Oil Sump Temperature (ºC) Stable & cooler operation.
  • Exhaust Manifold Temperature (ºC) Stable & cooler operation.
  • Nitrogen Oxide (NOx); Reduce emission by - 6. 14%
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO); Reduce emission by - 3%
  • Hydrocarbon (HC); Reduce emission by - 3%